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     Your family photo session will feature candid, natural, lifestyle type portraits capturing everyone having fun in a relaxed outdoor environment.  I like to focus on the love and emotion with in your family, and many times will have you playing and engaging with your kids instead of just looking at the camera straight on. 

     Your photo session will include a variety of shots- I usually like to begin the session with the whole family together, doing a more traditional portrait, with everyone looking at the camera.  Then Ill have everyone start interacting - depending on the ages of your kids, I like to initiate something silly to get some good, honest smiles!  Tickles, or asking them silly questions, directing people to look at one another.  We will move around and most likely (as long as the location allows) be both standing and sitting.  I also try to do some different pairings based on family size and structure- mom with the kids, dad with the kids, kids by themselves, etc.  I like to keep it fun and lighthearted. We will embrace any and all chaos, because that's real, and your photos should highlight what makes your family unique!  I love working with children, and keeping them happy during the process is my goal! 

     Family sessions are location based, and do take place outdoors.  I have many great locations to choose from, which range from nearby parks to more adventurous hikes to a location.  What we choose will depend on your family's style and personality!  You may have a place in mind that is special to your family, and I would love to 

     The most magical natural light happens right before sunset, so most sessions will take place an hour or two before the sun goes down, but there are some locations that are even better during the earlier daytime hours- like in the jungles dappled light for one example.  Again, the exact place and time will be what works best for you.  

       I start to get to know you by sending a 10 question "Questionnaire" by email.  I just ask some questions to learn about you, what you and your family like to do in your free time, things your kids think are silly, etc.  This gives us a chance to communicate and for you to get all the information you are looking for in order to decide to book your session.  After scheduling your session, I will send a "What to Wear Guide" filled with tips and ideas for easy,  coordinating outfit ideas to help everyone look and feel their best in the photos.  We will talk back and forth, and I am always available to answer questions- you can even text me pictures for help with choosing what to wear!  My goal is to make it super easy for you and your family to get the most out of the session!

     So what do you get for your investment?  A one hour family photo shoot is $150 for the session, with 2 options for photo packages- $50 for 25 digital images, or $100 for a full gallery, ranging from about 70-80 images.   Sessions can be longer, for an additional investment. This option is necessary if there will be any outfit changes, or if we have certain activities planned or multiple locations.  After the day of the photo session, i will get to work editing your final photo gallery.  You will receive your collection of images delivered to you in both a private online gallery, as well as on a keepsake USB flash drive.  I have a 2 week turn around time after the day of the session for delivering the online gallery.  When the gallery is ready you will get an email with a link that takes you right to them.  These photos can be easily shared online right from the gallery! I think most of the fun is actually seeing photos in print, so i love to give a framed 8x10 of your choice. You can choose to download your online photos immediately, or wait to get the USB flash drive that i deliver to you along with the framed 8x10.  

     Please get in touch with me so we can start planning an amazing Family photo shoot together!  Your family is one of a kind, and I would love to capture the fun you share, in your own special way!  Im looking forward to hearing any and all questions, or even if you just want to say hi!  Hope to hear from you soon- Lets talk story!